Harvesttime Office Furniture is a family owned and operated office furnishings wholesaler, based in Suffolk, VA, serving customers all across the United States.  Our highly experienced solution team is truly passionate about what YOU sit in all day at the office!  We focus on comfortable, yet affordable, desk-chair, lobby and café seating.  


about Harvesttime Office Furniture

Ready to Talk Seating?  Telephone us at 757-638-4635.  Visit us at 1540 Breezeport Way, Suite 600, Suffolk, VA  23435.  EMAIL us at chuck@harvesttimeoffice.com.

Our Solution Team leader is Chuck Brady!  Chuck is the owner of Harvesttime Office Furniture.  His background as a business owner includes over 30 successful years in the office furniture industry, where he personally has assisted hundreds of companies with their seating and office furnishing needs.

​A few years ago, with retirement in mind, Chuck "passed the baton" of his office systems company to his son and founded Harvesttime Office Furniture, where he now specializes in the  area of office seating. 

​Chuck has always believed in giving the customer more than they expect.  His customers, past and present, will tell you that is true.